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Mar 23, 2023 - XChem - The ab initio Solution for Multichannel Scattering Problems
Martín, Fernando; González-Vázquez, Jesús; Corral, Inés; Borràs, Josep V.; Klinker, Markus; Argenti, Luca; Marante, Carlos, 2023, "XChem_v1",, e-cienciaDatos, V2
This dataset contains the first release of XChem code as registered at the Madrid Registry of Intelectual property (reg. num. 16/2022/2643). It includes the source code, installation instructions, manuals, tutorials and examples
Mar 21, 2023 - Historia del Derecho y de las Universidades
López-Guadalupe Pallarés, Miguel José, 2023, "Redes y estrategias de ascenso en la Monarquía Hispánica. La familia Malvezzi y el Colegio de España en Bolonia (siglos XV-XVI)",, e-cienciaDatos, V1, UNF:6:5mUuIpJl7ngUx34JP9w93A== [fileUNF]
Conjunto de datos a los que se hace referencia en la monografía: López-Guadalupe Pallarés, Miguel José (2023). Redes y estrategias de ascenso en la Monarquía Hispánica. La familia Malvezzi y el Colegio de España en Bolonia (siglos XV-XVI). Madrid: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid...
Mar 16, 2023 - Repositorio de Datos UAM
Ordoñez, Carlos D.; Conceiçao, Egas; Redrejo Rodríguez, Modesto, 2023, "Comparison of MDA methods",, e-cienciaDatos, V1
Comparison of whole metagenome amplification competence by new piPolB-based MDA methods and commercial kits using a mini mock-metagenome containing high-GC sequences. Mini mock metagenome made up of E. coli, B. subtilis, P. aeruginosa and K. rhizophila genomes. A total of 11 samp...
Feb 25, 2023Repositorio de Datos UAM
XChem is a solution for an all-electron ab-initio calculation of the electronic continuum of molecular systems. XChem combines the tools of quantum chemistry (as implemented in Molcas) and scattering theory to accurately account for electron correlation in the single-ionization c...
Feb 8, 2023 - Repositorio de Datos UPM
Meyers-Angulo, Eduardo; Martínez-Cuevas, Sandra; Gaspar-Escribano, Jorge, 2023, "Catalogue of residential buildings and classification according to seismic vulnerability in the city of Murcia (Spain).",, e-cienciaDatos, V1
The residential building catalogue and seismic vulnerability classification is a supplementary dataset associated with the paper entitled “Classifying Buildings According to Seismic Vulnerability Using Cluster-ANN Techniques. Applied to the City of Murcia, Spain The goal is to id...
Jan 26, 2023 - Repositorio de Datos UAM
Mediavilla, Roberto, 2023, "RESPOND-HCWs - Mental health outcomes",, e-cienciaDatos, V2
RESPOND is an EU funded research project running from 2020 to 2023. The project aims to identify which groups are most at risk for adverse mental health effects due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as to understand what determines that risk. In Spain, we conducted a randomised c...
Jan 18, 2023 - Repositorio de Datos UPM
Goñi-Moreno, Ángel, 2023, "Confocal and fluorescence microscopy files of growing Pseudomonas putida microcolonies",, e-cienciaDatos, V1
Description of the project The project aims at describing the formation and development of small bacterial colonies. Our hypothesis is that, along with nutrient and environmental conditions, the physical interactions between bacterial cells help shaping the micro colonies. Descri...
Jan 13, 2023 - Repositorio de Datos URJC
Caffarel Serra, Carmen; Lozano Ascencio, Carlos, 2023, "Base de datos. Encuestas MapCom 2022",, e-cienciaDatos, V1
Base de Datos de la Encuesta MapCom 2020, aplicada a investigadores doctores docentes y no docentes en las universidades españolas,a investigadores en formación de programas de doctorado y a investigadores inscritos en sociedades científicas del área de la comunicación.
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