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Dec 21, 2022 - Historia del Derecho y de las Universidades
Martínez Neira, Manuel, 2022, "El CEU, vivero de catedráticos: 1932-1956",, e-cienciaDatos, V1
Se ofrece una base de datos sobre 56 profesores que obtuvieron una cátedra entre 1932 y 1956, y que tuvieron alguna relación con el CEU. Esa relación puede basarse en pertenecer a la ACP, ser profesor del CEU o ser alumno del CEU. Y está documentada en el Boletín de la Asociación...
Dec 20, 2022
Gotti, Davide, 2021, "Input measurements, output binary classification, D+ elements, and PowerFactory source file of the test systems",, e-cienciaDatos, V3
This dataset is intented to be a complementary material of the work "A Fast Data-Driven Topology Identification Method for Dynamic State Estimation Applications". It includes: the input measurements used to train and test the proposed topology identification method; the output bi...
Dec 5, 2022 - Historia del Derecho y de las Universidades
Martínez Neira, Manuel, 2022, "Revolución y fiscalidad municipal. La hacienda de la Villa de Madrid en el reinado de Fernando VII",, e-cienciaDatos, V1
Los datos y gráficos muestran los ingresos y gastos de la hacienda madrileña en el periodo 1766-1833.
Nov 29, 2022
Borderes-Motta, Gabriel; Haro-Pizarroso, Gabriel de; Li, Gangqiang; Yu, Hanze; H. Zhu, Zheng; Sarego, Giulia; Colombatti, Giacomo; Lorenzini, Enrico C.; McTernan, Jesse K.; Gilchrist, Brian E.; Bilén, Sven G.; Kawamoto, Satomi; Ohkawa, Yasushi; Sanchez-Arriaga, Gonzalo, 2022, "Dataset of the cross-verification and benchmarking analysis of electrodynamic tether simulators",, e-cienciaDatos, V2
We performed a cross-validation and a benchmarking analysis of five electrodynamic tether (EDT) simulators developed by independent research groups: BETsMA, DYNATETHER (DYNAT), EDTSim, FLEX, and TeMPEST. It is a multi-institutional and multi-national project since the codes were...
Nov 22, 2022 - Historia del Derecho y de las Universidades
Ramis Barceló, Rafael, 2022, "La Universidad de Vic (1599-1717)",, e-cienciaDatos, V1, UNF:6:c3N6T1LORZKUiNNA65nYxQ== [fileUNF]
Profesores de las cátedras de Gramática, Filosofía, Teología y Leyes de la Universidad de Vic desde 1599 a 1717.
Nov 11, 2022
Cabrales Goitia, Antonio, 2022, "2021ECOSNANCA",, e-cienciaDatos, V1
Data used for the paper: "The Interactions of Social Norms about Climate Change: Science, Institutions and Economics" by Antonio Cabrales, Manu García, David Ramos Muñoz, Angel Sánchez. Available at: The file is composed of four spreadsheet. Sheet...
Nov 11, 2022
Cabrales Goitia, Antonio, 2022, "2021A1ECOGTHANCA",, e-cienciaDatos, V1
Climate change is one of the most pressing problems of humanity. Yet the carbon emissions have not decreased but increased since 2006. The present project presents a novel approach to achieve a global reduction of carbon emissions in the coming decades by harnessing the power of...
Nov 7, 2022 - Repositorio de Datos UAM
García López, Gastón; Martin, Maxime; Ynsa, María Dolores; Torres-Costa, Vicente; Olivares, José; Tardío, Miguel; Crespillo, Miguel L.; Bosia, Federico; Peña-Rodríguez, Ovídio; Nicolás, Josep; Tallarida, Massimo, 2022, "Supplementary material for the paper "Process design for the manufacturing of soft X-ray gratings in single-crystal diamond by high-energy heavy-ion irradiation"",, e-cienciaDatos, V1
A novel manufacturing process for optical gratings suitable for use in the UV and soft X-ray regimes in a single-crystal diamond substrate based on highly focused swift heavy-ion irradiation. This type of grating is extensively used in light source facilities such as synchrotrons...
Oct 24, 2022
Toledano Serrano, Javier; Post, Ángel; Sánchez-Arriaga, Gonzalo, 2022, "ATD data ETPACK",, e-cienciaDatos, V1, UNF:6:zNk/RMvZzzM5XSlx/mD4lg== [fileUNF]
Data captured by ATD during the PETE device development within the H2020 E.T.PACK project execution
Effort ProjectEmbargoed
Sep 27, 2022
Radl, Jonas, 2026, "Effort Project",, e-cienciaDatos, V1
The dataset contains socioeconomic data and experimental measures of cognitive effort stemming from fifth-grade students and their parents. Among the socioeconomic variables that can be found in the dataset are the gender, age, and country of birth of both parents and students. F...
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