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Nov 2, 2021
Rubio-Cuadrado, Alvaro; Camarero, Julio; Bosela, Michal, 2021, "Introducing climwin package of R to dendrochronologists",, e-cienciaDatos, V1
R scripts showing how to use climwin package with tree-ring width and anatomy chronologies. The databases needed to use the scripts are included. -------------------------- FILES -------------------------- 1. climwin with dendro and anatomy.R R script in which climwin is used to...
Gzip Archive - 2,4 MB - MD5: 9b1f122353d3772e26f90e88b0920747
R Syntax - 3,6 KB - MD5: 1394507a17b4a7b2eb9f64d9d8b9fdaa
R Syntax - 2,8 KB - MD5: 59a8fe26090e8e0a8bb609f105726fcb
Comma Separated Values - 868 B - MD5: 0ff5cb6b8c029274d77a21ee3b2bcc31
R Syntax - 4,5 KB - MD5: 2f88625e85d01acc30a5e6bf65895e89
Plain Text - 8,8 KB - MD5: 131fe8cd7c161db735cc03ff262ac221
Comma Separated Values - 5,3 KB - MD5: 373ed69bf07f9d661540058dc20886a3
Comma Separated Values - 12,5 KB - MD5: 69fc24461c433d13ca92b9a831c47f1d
Oct 29, 2021
Bados Sevillano, Raquel; Tolosana Esteban, Eduardo; Esteban Pascual, Luis Saúl; Fernández Landa, Alfredo, 2021, "Dasometric data of rockrose (Cistus laurifolius) sampling plots in four shrublands located in Soria (Spain)",, e-cienciaDatos, V1
Descripción del proyecto: The purpose of field data collection is building weight equations to predict dry biomass weight per hectare (t/ha) and dry biomass weight per plant (kg/plant) of rockrose (Cistus laurifolius L.) shrublands in Central Spain. Descripción del dataset: The d...
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