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Jan 20, 2021 - Nonlinear Solid Mechanics
dos Santos, Tiago, 2020, "MATLAB_TS_AS_JARM_2020", https://doi.org/10.21950/F9KFQT, e-cienciaDatos, V2
This dataset contains the MATLAB code used to implement the dynamic spherical cavity expansion model developed in dos Santos et al.
Jan 19, 2021 - Nonlinear Solid Mechanics
N'souglo, Komi Espoir, 2020, "KEN_NJ_JARM_2020", https://doi.org/10.21950/G6XSDJ, e-cienciaDatos, V2
This dataset contains the VUMAT subroutines coded to implement in the finite element code ABAQUS the constitutive model of Hill (1948). They have been used to perform finite element simultations reported in the manuscript of N'souglo et al.
Jan 12, 2021 - Repositorio de Datos UC3M
Chiabò, Luca; Sánchez-Arriaga, Gonzalo, 2020, "Limitations of Stationary Vlasov-Poisson Solvers in Probe Theory", https://doi.org/10.21950/PNYKF5, e-cienciaDatos, V2
The goal of the data is showing the structure of the ion distribution function around a negatively polarized Langmuir probe with an elliptical cross section of eccentricity ep. For ep = 0 (cylindrical probe), the orbits of the ions are regular (integrable configuration) and the b...
Jan 11, 2021 - ESA Fire Climate Change Initiative (CCI)
Franquesa, M.; Vanderhoof, M.K.; Stavrakoudis, D.; Gitas, I.; Roteta, E.; Padilla, M.; Chuvieco, E., 2020, "BARD: a global and regional validation burned area database", https://doi.org/10.21950/BBQQU7, e-cienciaDatos, V6
The FireCCI project is part of the European Space Agency's (ESA) Climate Change Initiative (CCI) programme. The project focuses on the Fire Disturbance Essential Climate Variable(ECV) and specifically on 'Burned Area' (BA) products. The main objective of the FireCCI project is th...
Dec 22, 2020 - Historia de la Lengua Española de Ramón Menéndez Pidal
Fernández-Ordóñez, Inés, 2020, "Historia de la Lengua Española de Ramón Menéndez Pidal: El español áureo. Renacimiento humanístico (1474-1555)", https://doi.org/10.21950/JORAJZ, e-cienciaDatos, V1
El presente conjunto de datos describe y proporciona acceso a las papeletas manuscritas por Ramón Menéndez Pidal en el archivo de la Historia de la Lengua Española, correspondientes al archivador 1, cajón 6 en el que figura el título: "El español áureo. Renacimiento humanístico (...
Dec 18, 2020 - Repositorio de Datos UNED
Hennig, Sebastian; Ana Garcia-Serrano, 2020, "Reproducible experiments on the master thesis: An experimental survey of Named Entity Recognition methods in the biomedical domain", https://doi.org/10.21950/DYAZRE, e-cienciaDatos, V1
Semantic Textual Similarity (also known as Semantic Short-text Similarity) is a research problem that aims to calculate the similarity among text units (phrases, sentences, paragraphs or texts) focusing on the semantic content. The importance of Semantic Similarity in Natural Lan...
Dec 15, 2020 - Repositorio de Datos UAH
Flores-Soriano, Manuel; Cid Tortuero, Consuelo; Crapolicchio, Raffaele, 2020, "Solar radio bursts from SMOS v621 Sun brightness temperature 1.4 GHz validation data", https://doi.org/10.21950/I9KQUV, e-cienciaDatos, V1
List of solar radio bursts (1.4 GHz) in the SMOS v621 data with peak Sun brightness temperature 10^5 K above the local background and associated X-ray flare, if any. Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) is a mission of the European Space Agency (ESA).
Dec 7, 2020 - Repositorio de Datos UNED
Lastra-Díaz, Juan J; Lara-Clares, Alicia; Garcia-Serrano, Ana, 2020, "Reproducibility dataset for a benchmark of biomedical semantic measures libraries", https://doi.org/10.21950/OTDA4Z, e-cienciaDatos, V2
This dataset introduces a set of reproducibility resources with the aim of allowing the exact replication of the experiments introduced by our companion paper, which compare the performance of the three UMLS-based semantic similarity libraries reported in the literature as follow...
Dec 2, 2020 - Repositorio de Datos URJC
Florencia Claes; Alejandro Barranquero Carretero; Eduardo Rodríguez Gómez, 2020, "Resultados de las 6 variables principales analizadas en las páginas webs de los Grupos de investigación de la comunicación en España, en la investigación titulada "La comunicación científica de los grupos de investigación de la comunicación en España a partir del análisis de sus sitios web"", https://doi.org/10.21950/BR6ETT, e-cienciaDatos, V1
La presente base de datos muestra los resultados de las seis variables diseñadas para la investigación mencionada, para cada una de las páginas webs de los grupos de investigación de la comunicación detectadas en España.
Nov 26, 2020 - Repositorio de Datos UAH
Flores-Soriano, Manuel; Cid Tortuero, Consuelo, 2020, "Comparison between GOES flares, SOHO/LASCO CMEs and RSTN 1.4 GHz solar radio bursts", https://doi.org/10.21950/PPD8ZW, e-cienciaDatos, V1
Study 1.4 GHz solar radio bursts as counterparts to coronal mass ejections. For a list of GOES X-ray flares of class M5 or higher, this dataset provides the time integral of their associated 1.4 GHz solar radio burst and compares them with the speed, angular width and kinetic ene...
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