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May 27, 2021 - Repositorio de Datos UPM
Beltrán González, Freddys R.; Arrieta Dillon, Marina P.; Elena Antón, Diego; Lozano Pérez, Antonio Abel; Cenis, José Luis; Gaspar Roa, Gerald; Orden Hernández, María Ulagares de la; Martínez Urreaga, Joaquín, 2021, "Research results of the migration in food simulants and disintegration of PLA and organic fillers nanocomposites", https://doi.org/10.21950/QOTKHI, e-cienciaDatos, V1
The main aim of this project was to analyze the effect of two organic fillers, namely silk fibroin nanoparticles and yerba mate nanoparticles, on the migration in two ethanolic food simulants, and in the disintegration in composting conditions, of mechanically recycled PLA. METOD...
Mar 8, 2021 - Repositorio de Datos UAM
Ismanuel Rabadan; Jimena D. Gorfinkiel, 2021, "Electronic energies, quantum defects and half-lives for the first three water resonances above the B state of H2O+", https://doi.org/10.21950/LQYPTM, e-cienciaDatos, V3
Finding solutions of the continuum spectra of the time-independent Schrodinguer equation for the water molecule
Mar 5, 2019 - Repositorio de Datos UAH
Pérez-Redondo, Adrián; Martín, Avelino, 2019, "Crystal structure of μ-oxido-1,1′ κ 2 O: O-bis­{tetra- μ-oxido-1:2 κ 2 O: O;1:3 κ 2 O: O;2:3 κ 4 O: O-tris­[1,2,3( η 5)-penta­methyl­cyclo­penta­dien­yl]- trianglo-trititanium(IV)}", https://doi.org/10.21950/WIYGUL, e-cienciaDatos, V1
The title polynuclear organometallic titanium(IV) oxide, [{Ti3( η 5-C 5Me 5) 3( μ-O) 4} 2( μ-O)], exhibits two Ti3O 4 cores bridged by an O atom located on a twofold axis. All metal centres present the typical three-legged piano-stool coordination environment, where one site is o...
Mar 5, 2019 - Repositorio de Datos UAH
Pérez-Redondo, Adrián; Varela-Izquierdo, Víctor; Yélamos, Carlos, 2019, "Crystal structure of (1,3-di-tert-butyl- η 5-cyclo­penta­dien­yl)tri­methyl­hafnium(IV)", https://doi.org/10.21950/BCYB9Y, e-cienciaDatos, V1
The molecule of the title organometallic hafnium(IV) compound, [Hf(CH3) 3(C 13H 21)] or [HfMe3( η 5-C 5H 3-1,3- tBu 2)], adopts the classical three-legged piano-stool geometry for monocyclopentadienylhafnium(IV) derivatives with the three methyl groups bonded to the Hf(IV) atom a...
Repositorio de Datos UAH(biblioteca.uah.es/)
Repositorio de Datos UAH logo
Dec 22, 2016
Repositorio de Datos de la UAH
Repositorio de Datos UAM(biblioteca.uam.es/)
Repositorio de Datos UAM logo
Sep 16, 2015
Repositorio de Datos de la UAM
Repositorio de Datos UPM(www.upm.es/institucional/UPM/Biblioteca)
Repositorio de Datos UPM logo
Sep 16, 2015
Repositorio de Datos de la UPM
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